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Non-Insurance Benefits

As voluntary insurance benefits are becoming more popular, non-insurance products are becoming of greater interest. We have aligned with a few key products and services to help differentiate you to open more opportunities as well as act as a retention tool.


LifeLock Benefit Solutions
With identity theft and data breaches grabbing headlines and becoming the number one concern for consumers and employers alike, there's never been a better time to offer LifeLock® service as an employee benefit.

As a LifeLock® distributor, you'll be partnering with the number one, best-known identity theft protection brand in the industry. Plus, you'll be offering LifeLock® service at a special price that is only available through an employer.


Healthiest You
Tele-Health is a great product to pair with major medical (individual or group) to provide employees with quick and easy access to health care.

TeleHealth is interactive healthcare using the latest in modern technology and communications. This service allows individuals to consult with a physician live over video or audio, using phones or the internet.


HR Solutions On-Call®
Every 81 seconds, an American business is sued by a current or former employee. Help protect your current or prospective business clients by providing HR Solutions On-Call® to keep employers in compliance and out of trouble.

HR Solutions On-Call® provides three key benefits:

  1. Install an Employee Action Hotline. Employees will use it to anonymously report problems and concerns before reporting to the Fed.
  2. Eliminate a company's harassment liability by installing our Sexual Harassment Protection Program.
  3. Dr Steve Cohen is the Human in Human Resources. This author and 35 year veteran of Human Resources Management is a company's very own HR Compliance Expert that takes calls and answers questions 365 days per year.